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September 29, 2015

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Nevermind is a biofeedback-enhanced adventure thriller game that takes you into the darkly surreal world of the subconscious. As you explore the abstract world within the minds of trauma survivors and solve the cryptic puzzles lurking within, biofeedback technology monitors moment-to-moment indications of anxiety. If you let your feelings of fear get the best of you, the game will become harder. If you’re able to calm yourself in the face of terror, the game will be more forgiving. Nevermind strives to create a haunting gameplay experience that also teaches you how to be more aware of your internal responses to stressful situations. If you can learn to control your anxiety within the intense realm of Nevermind, imagine what you will be able to do when faced with stressful moments in the real world. Nevermind explores themes of psychological trauma and PTSD and seeks to engage and educate players about trauma and potentially become a tool that may be used within a therapeutic context. Nevermind is currently available for Mac, Windows, Oculus Rift, and the HTC Vive. It can be found on Steam, the Humble Store, and Oculus Home. In January 2017, a non-biofeedback-enabled version of Nevermind was released on Xbox One in select regions.


Nevermind began as a 2012 MFA thesis project at USC’s prestigious Interactive Media and Games program, led by industry veteran Erin Reynolds—who returned to academia to pursue new ways to create “positive” games for traditional gaming audiences. Within an academic year, Reynolds and the Nevermind student development team were able to create one fully-functional level—a proof of concept that demonstrated Nevermind’s unique vision and the feasibility of the core technology. After graduation, much of the the academic team graduated and disbanded. However, encouraged by the critical acclaim received by the academic version of the game, Reynolds founded Flying Mollusk, a studio dedicated to creating edgy games for good, with the goal of expanding Nevermind to become commercially available world-wide. In September 2015, the Flying Mollusk team released Nevermind on Steam—making it available in eleven languages, on Windows and Mac platforms, and supporting of several heart rate sensors including Intel® RealSense™ Technology, the Wild Divine IomPE, and several other consumer available HR monitors. In March 2015, using Affectiva’s Emotion SDK, Nevermind was updated to support emotion-based biofeedback that can be activated with almost any standard webcam. In October 2016, the Virtual Reality edition of Nevermind was released for the Oculus Rift—featuring a remastering of the 2015 content and additional levels. In November 2016, support was added for the HTC Vive VR headset. In January 2017, a non-biofeedback-enabled version of Nevermind was released on Xbox One in select regions.


  • World's first commercially available VR biofeedback experience
  • Cutting edge biofeedback-enhanced gameplay (Windows and Mac only)
  • A new, accessible take on horror-adventure games
  • Surreal, abstract mindscapes filled with secrets to unearth and puzzles to solve
  • Helps players practice techniques to manage everyday feelings of stress and anxiety


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Awards & Recognition

  • "International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling" Selected Art Exhibition Participant, 2016
  • "Indie Arcade: Coast to Coast" Official Selection, 2016
  • "Indiecade" Finalist, 2015
  • "Games for Change Pitch Contest" Winner, 2014
  • "SIGGRAPH" Student Research Competition Finalist, 2013
  • "Games for Change Most Innovative Award" Finalist, 2012
  • "Unity Unite Awards: Best Technical Achievement" Finalist, 2012
  • "Unity Unite Awards: Best Student Project" Finalist, 2012
  • "Serious Games Showcase and Challenge" Finalist, 2012
  • "Indiecade" Official Selection, 2012
  • "Kickstarter Project of the Day" March 1, 2014

Selected Articles

  • "If a game like this can turn my frenzied day around in 5 minutes, I know it has incredible power."
    - Kimmy Erin, Horror Buzz
  • "It's a mysterious, frightening process that, thanks to great audio-visuals..., is as compelling and addictive as reading someone else's diary. "
    - Neilie Johnson, Common Sense Media
  • "Either way, I can’t wait to keep playing. The game lived up to its promise in one sense by pulling me out of my own head.... But, also, I find the game terrifying in a way I wish more games could match."
    - Charlotte Hyde, Not Your Mamma’s Game
  • "Even after all these years, I'm still excited about the promises behind Nevermind, what it means for the industry as well as for people suffering from anxiety."
    - Rob Manuel, Syfy Games
  • "I’ve never before encountered a game with this close an understanding of the human mind — not just because it measures and responds to your emotional state, but because its environments and stories reflect a deep familiarity with the things about our world that are truly terrifying."
    - Zoya Street, CGMagazine
  • "...let's just say it's like if Telltale made a creepier, slightly more puzzle-oriented horror game that makes you question your own sanity."
    - Tina Amini, Kotaku
  • "And it works. Not only was the game obviously tuned to my emotional state, by the end of the journey I found myself pausing and taking a deep breath to slow my heart rate and more calmly tackle the nightmares that confronted me."
    - Brian Crecente, Polygon
  • "It’ll play a bit like a free-roaming version of Myst, but with the scare factor of Slender and the visual aesthetic of a Nine Inch Nails video directed by Kyle Cooper of Se7en’s title sequence fame. You know, the stuff bad dreams are made of."
    - Will Johnston, Xbox One Gamer Magazine

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About Flying Mollusk

Flying Mollusk is a small, independent studio built to create entertaining and uniquely impactful games that leverage emerging technology and leave a lasting impression on those who play them. Its flagship product, Nevermind, is a biofeedback-enhanced horror adventure game that indirectly teaches the player how to manage feelings of stress and anxiety. Nevermind represents Flying Mollusk’s vision to create edgy, engaging and fun games that are both compelling as a popular “mainstream” title, while also giving back to the player via existing and emerging technology. For more information, visit www.flyingmollusk.com.

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Nevermind Credits

Erin Reynolds
CEO and Creative Director

Michael Annetta
Lead VR Designer, Academic and Therapeutic Research Liaison, Creative Producer

Greg Hillegas

Jesse Busch
Lead Engineer

Brian Watson
Lead Environment Artist

Jack Covell
Environment Artist

Derek Baird
Composer and Audio Director



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